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Climate Change Workshop


      In July 2015, Salmon Valley Stewardship partnered with EcoAdapt, an organization founded to offer support, training, and assistance to make planning and management less vulnerable by providing support for climate change adaptation. Two EcoAdapt climate scientists, Jessi Kershner and Alex Score, led a community discussion about climate change and a tour for the Lemhi Forest Restoration Group in the Salmon Municipal Watershed.  


       Our community forum was focused on listening to the community's thoughts and concerns about climate change and what we can do  to make a difference. This forum focused on the positive benefits of living in Salmon, such as, recreational opportunities, reliance on local foods and the incredible views that surround us. We talked about the changes we've observed in flooding, ice jams, forest fires, warmer water temperatures, the amount of snowpack and air quality. After discussing the impacts, we talked about the changes we can make in our daily lives to improve the valley's conditions. The solutions ranged from changing local policy to helping to protect agricultural lands to  increasing forest resilience. The forum built an incredible foundation for starting the conversation about climate change concerns in the valley. 


       The following day, members of the Lemhi Forest Restoration Group and guests attended a field trip to the Salmon Municipal Watershed. Starting from the Ridge Road, we hiked down part of the Old Leesburg Road looking at the riparian areas and forest ecology, discussing the effects of erosion and fire. We returned to Salmon for a follow-up workshop to discuss how to successfully implement adaptation strategies.  Workshop materials and other climate change resources can be found at this link


























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