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 Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition prides itself on being an inclusive movement that seeks common ground between diverse interests. The coalition is currently comprised of more than 80 nonprofit, public, and private organizations. Our partners include rural community advocates, regional and national conservation organizations, environmentalists, business owners, federal and state land managers, researchers, county and state government, and foundations. The RVCC is led by the Leadership Team, a group of organizations and individuals invested in the Coalition’s long-term success. 


RVCC promotes practical, equitable and sustainable solutions that are grounded in the experiences of rural community members, workers, and businesses.  Our approach is to strengthen and empower the voices of rural leaders on issues such as collaborative all-lands stewardship, renewable energy, climate change, and local workforce development. We have been leaders in supporting policy and legislation including stewardship contracting, the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, and the Community Wood Energy Program, among others, advocating for the inclusion of comprehensive community interests.


















The coalition maintains several core goals:

  1. Seek and develop ecologically responsible and economically equitable solutions to the systemic problems that inhibit the restoration and maintenance of forests and rangelands.

  2. Increase support among decision-makers for federal funding of restoration, maintenance of public lands and rural economic development.

  3. Advance legislative ideas and influence legislation proposed by others.

  4. Strengthen the voices of rural leaders, both non-elected and elected, within conservation and economic development policy.

  5. Inform the media of our priority issues and the potential benefits of the solutions we offer.


RVCC is dedicated to taking up this challenge; to representing the interests of the people and landscapes of the American West in both the policy and practical arenas; to passing on a deeper connection between our region’s bounties and beauty, and our responsibilities for their sustainability; to building a legacy of opportunity and understanding for our children and their children.



Please visit their website for more information.

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