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Restoration Template

In 2014, Salmon Valley Stewardship completed a report detailing the impact of ecological restoration activities on the economies of Custer and Lemhi Counties in Idaho. The restoration projects over a 5-year period documented in the report yielded almost $12 million in public and private lands restoration work. The report found that restoration activities in Custer and Lemhi Counties supported 47 jobs annually, and accounting for local multipliers, produced 70 jobs in these two rural counties. 


We held two Restoration Summits in Challis and Salmon, which was to better explain how economic data can be tracked for restoration projects and explore the adoption of a common economic tracking template. Also, to provide a forecast for the local workforce about the variety of restoration projects in the Upper Salmon River Region that may be coming available in the next 1-5 years. 
























Salmon Valley Stewardship worked with Neal Christensen, a Social Scientist based in Missoula to develop an economic tracking template. He was instrumental in developing the original economic tracking template. We are excited to share the template with everyone! 



Restoration Template 



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