Hughes Creek: Completed August 2014

Hughes Aug 09 workday.jpg

Hughes Aug 09 workday.jpg



Stand Exam Training 2010

Stand Exam Training 2010



Soil Monitoring Hughes Crk

Soil Monitoring Hughes Crk

APR 2006
Lemhi Forest Restoration Group (LFRG)


APR 2007
LFRG makes project

recommedations to

Salmon-Challis NF (SCNF)

MAY 2009
SCNF Signs FONSI for Hughes Creek Project EA

AUG 2010
SCNF sign Stewardship Contract w/ RMEF

JUL 2012
Mustang Fire Starts

OCT 2012
Mustang Fire Controlled

AUG 2006
Hughes Creek Project Selected by LFRG

JAN 2009

SCNF Releases EA for Public Comment; LFRG Provides Implementation Recommendations to SCNF

JUL 2009
LFRG Begins Multi-party Monitoring in Hughes Creek

MAY 2011
RMEF Commercial Work Begins

AUG 2012
RMEF Work Complete

AUG 2014
Last Commercial Treatment Complete

Hughes Creek Multi Party Monitoring 


Click on point on map for individual plot information and on data set for full database - Please be patient, some data is extensive and takes time to download

If data or map doesn't appear, please adjust zoom to a larger scale. 

Contact Us

LFRG c/o Salmon Valley Stewardsip

107 S. Center Street 

Salmon, ID  83467



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